Welcome! We setup this website to share with you the best resources we’ve found in the areas of Mind, Body, Spirit. Sam and I have spent our lifetime studying health in all these categories.

Michelle Graham started her study of Nutrition at the age of 12 and this instilled in her a lifelong practice of healthy diet and lifestyle. At age 18 she learnt Transcendental Meditation to develop stillness of mind and to find inner peace. She went on to do many advanced courses in meditative practices.

Later on in her 30s and 40s she became a Reiki practitioner at Master Level. She then went on to become a Professional PSYCH-K facilitator, and also a Journey practitioner as trained by Brandon Bays.

In recent years Michelle has focused on Nutritional support for people around the world educating them how to return to optimal health with natural nutrition.

Sam Percasky has, over his lifetime, built over 20 businesses in various fields of endeavour. During his career he began his own Nutritional Supplement company after years of research into the cause of ill health. He wrote an informative book teaching all the fundamentals required to have long term optimal health.

Since Michelle and Sam met 15 years ago they have combined their talents into their current business of coaching/guiding people to learn how to have mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. In this website, they are sharing the best avenues to achieve wholistic health.